Penny Arcade

TYCHO & GABE: Alter egos of Jerry and Mike at Penny Arcade, these two statues were sculpted during preliminary talks and development for a series of action figures based on the Penny Arcade characters. These proved an interesting challenge in that the characters had never been realized in three dimensions before, (this was before "Precipice of Darkness") and with 2D art, what you see in profile doesn't always jive with what you see from the front or back (ie. Gabe's hair). Unfortunately, no deal to produce figures was struck, but we wanted Jerry and Mike to have these sculpts all the same, and hopefully they are on a shelf in their offices somewhere.

Click the thumbnails below for a few shots of the Tycho and Gabe sculptures. For a sense of scale, that's an actual 1D20 that Tycho is holding.

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